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EcoQuip is the leader in providing vapor-abrasive blast equipment for the coating removal and surface preparation industry. We take pride in knowing that our equipment provides and eco-friendly method of abrasive blasting. With our ability to eliminate up to 97% of airborne particles, while achieving or exceeding removal rates comparable to traditional dry blasting, we can improve your efficiency by minimizing containment and thus reducing project costs. Superior in its technology, our equipment is designed to be used in a variety of difficult environmental conditions including high-humidity, rain and even under water!

Industrial Applications

  • Removing Industrial Coatings, Linings & Rust
  • Preparing Surfaces for Re-Coating
  • Removing Roadway Markers
  • Building and Site Maintenance Projects
  • Abatement for Lead and Asbestos
Conventional open air blast methods are extremely dusty and can cause warping, impingement and pitting as well as discoloration and damage on certain metal surfaces. Those methods can also be more time-consuming and not as effective or efficient as EcoQuip’s TRX technology.
EcoQuip excels in lowering the cost for both preventative maintenance and repair. Complex industrial infrastructure such as piping, valves and intricate mechanical/hydraulic machinery can be cleaned quickly and inspected frequently without disassembly or masking.
EcoQuip can remove tough industrial coatings and linings without damaging hosing, couplings and delicate surfaces. This one-step cleaning and surface preparation saves hours of labor in otherwise tedious and difficult maintenance chores.
With ultra-low dispersal characteristics, EcoQuip equipment eliminates up to 97% of airborne particles and can be used in enclosed spaces without affecting nearby equipment or workers. EcoQuip blast systems will allow for thousands of hours of reliable, effective, problem-free and dustless media blasting.


  • Brick/Block/Stone or Stucco Buildings
  • Wood & Metal Siding and Fences
  • Wrought Iron Fencing
  • Monuments & Statues
  • Grave Head Stones
  • Artifact and Historic pieces
  • Limestone/Sandstone Structures
Traditional industrial methods require containment screening, dust collection, truckloads of abrasive and some sort of breathing apparatus. High Pressure and UHP (Ultra High Pressure) causes water run-off as well as multiple safety hazards for operators. HP and UHP methods leave no profile which is needed for paint adhesion. Some methods can cause warping, impingement and pitting as well as discoloration and damage to metal surfaces. Usually typical blast equipment cannot be used in open-air areas, around other workers or in enclosed areas.
EcoQuip has the unique ability to clean old or new brick, block and stone without penetrating or damaging the surface, which could cause efflorescence. EcoQuip causes zero discoloration or mottling.
It has the ability to remove mold, grime, surface dirt and corrosion gently without damage to the substrate, while restoring and protecting the character of historical artifacts. All applications can be accomplished without causing any damage to the landscape or vegetation as well as the surrounding surfaces.


Traditional high-pressure blasting methods damage delicate surfaces, create dust clouds that are unhealthy for operators and bystanders and involve hours of containment and cleanup. Low-pressure methods don’t have the power to remove many surface coatings and linings and have lower production rates.
EcoQuip equipment utilizes TRX technology to bring the blasting industry the first equipment that can be used at pressures as low as 30 psi for delicate surfaces, such as sandstone and limestone or as high as 125 psi for stubborn surface coatings and linings. Using a mixture of airflow, water and your choice of abrasive/media, EcoQuip’s equipment meets industry standards, involves little to no containment or cleanup and reduces up to 95% of airborne particles.
EcoQuip equipment is used to remove splatters of bitumen, asphalt, concrete, paint and stucco from materials such as brick, roadways and concrete. EQ’s equipment can also clean the equipment used for applying these materials. While it is successful at cleaning these harsh materials, it is also well suited for eradicating mold, fungus, marine growth, leaching stains from the soil and rust. It is the perfect tool for preparing surfaces prior to being painted or sealed. It can also be used just to clean or profile surfaces for the best coating adhesion. In addition, EcoQuip’s equipment can be used to restore antiques and clean teak furniture.

Graffiti Removal

Highway Signs | Concrete | Sandstone | Limestone | Asphalt | Statues | Automobiles | Plastic | Brick | Marble | Wood | Stucco

Traditional graffiti removal methods such as chemicals and soda-blasting are not safe for the environment and can kill surrounding vegetation. Pressure washing, chemical stripping, soda blasting and sandblasting can destroy brick and remove mortar from walls. These methods also have poor production rates. This coupled with damage to the sub-surface make these methods ineffective.
EcoQuip equipment is built with adjustability for a wide range of pressures that can be utilized on fragile surfaces such as brick. This allows paint to be stripped while protecting the sub-surface. EcoQuip equipment can also remove paint layer by layer so you can remove graffiti effectively, even from painted surfaces such as metal or wood signs.

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