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The Mobile Power Station (MPS) meets a multitude of work and power applications, from routine to emergency. The MPS can quickly transition from scheduled work requirements and be positioned for emergency standby installations on DoD bases, in healthcare settings, for data centers and other locations to provide continuous back-up power. With its quick hitch attachment capability, the MPS is the perfect replacement for military and commercial fleet managers to consider when looking one vehicle to get the job done.

The Dannar MPS delivers silent, environmentally friendly electric power and portable hydraulic work tools where you need them, when you need them.  Whether the task is routine or in response to an emergency, the MPS is engineered to operate in harsh environments and will accommodate a range of standard hydraulic and electric attachments and power tools.  Designed for off-road vehicle fleet managers, the MPS provides a “single vehicle for a whole lot of functions.” The MPS’ Range-Extended Battery-Electric Vehicle (RE/BEV) architecture has quickly attracted the attention of Federal, state, and local government agencies requiring a mobile power resource that is eco-friendly, highly efficient, and easily-maneuverable at the job site.
The quiet nature of the MPS’ powertrain, as well as the modularity of its range extension options, is a potential game-changer for government fleets.  Dannar offers as the base MPS configuration a cab-less, self-propelled power source with tethered or wireless navigational guidance and tool control.


Mobile Power Source, Micro Grid & Recharging Station Delivering up to 134.4kW


Green Multi-Functional Utility Vehicle to replace many Single-Purpose Vehicles


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