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Spartacus: Portable Powder Coating System

The Spartacus is a revolutionary Flame Coating Technology that is ideal for all types of infrastructure coating usage. It is a lightweight, portable and versatile one man operation. It is particularly suited for structural steel and concrete. Coatings applied with Spartacus provide a smooth flexible surface that is resistant to chemicals, salt, chipping, cracking, scratching and harsh environments. UV stable for outdoor applications, cures in seconds and is extremely durable. These coatings are exceptionally beneficial for substrates that are susceptible to acid, sulfates, corrosion and chemicals.

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Unlike traditional coatings such as paint, this coating is repairable. Flame Spray coating powder is a Thermal Plastic Coating applied pneumatically. The raw materials, in a dry powder form is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the surface. Material is applied 16 ml thickness per pass.  It dries almost instantaneously and is more durable than any traditional coating materials. Polymer and Epoxy’s are engineered to work in conjunction with Spartacus flame coater, creates the most durable coatings imaginable even in the most aggressive, challenging locations.
The Centurion is the most advanced applicator gun for Spartacus. It is capable of covering an area 450-650 sq ft./per hour, providing the best performance of any flame coating system in the industry. This technology provides a wider knife like spray pattern, increasing coverage area with enhanced blending. Centurion flame spray coater was specifically designed to produce a polymeric coating using a thermal plastic powder. It is easily applied with our proven installation methods, providing a durable, astoundingly beautiful finish that will last for many years.

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