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Luxul Technologies offers a standard 5 year Warranty for their Tubes.  Additionally, your Existing Ballasts are also guaranteed for 5 years.

Q-Lux LED Series

Magnetic fluorescent luminaires have a much higher rate of power consumption than electronic ballast luminaires. Usually the only options out of this hybrid system are to rewire each lighting fixture or to completely replace the entire lighting system. Luxul Technology’s Q-Lux Plug & Play models offer a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

Luxul’s LED T8-4/8 Lamps are the best possible solution for Direct Replacement of Fluorescent Lamps with existing compatible Electronic & Magnetic Ballasts.

Q-Lux offers:

  • 50% reduction in energy consumption over traditional fluorescent
  • Capable of Indoor Usage in -5°F to 115°F Temperature Range
  • No flickering or stroboscopic effect, stable lamp-to-lamp color
  • Tight LED Binning Creates Consistent Color Temperature
  • No warm up time: Instant Illumination with full output
  • Plastic Shatterproof Construction: vibration and impact resistant
  • Zero UV emissions and free from hazardous materials
  • Color Temperature Range Options from 3000k to 6500k  
  • Lamps are dimmable to 5% (when interfaced with dimmable ballasts & switches)

Luxul’s Q2-Lux T8-4/8FT Tubes are Plug-and-Play. It really is this simple!

Explore Luxul’s Full Product Line (additional Product Spec Sheets available)

Luxul Technology is the world’s leading LED energy-saving solution provider. Luxul invented the world’s first UL certified LED Tubular Lamps compatible with traditional ballasts-driven fluorescent luminaries. Constricted with a best-beam angle of 300°, Luxul lighting delivers the most steady & consistent light distribution in the industry. Luxul’s uncompromising American craftsmanship delivers the highest quality & innovation.
  • Supports instant, rapid and programmable start e-ballasts and magnetic ballasts
  • Complete line of T5, T5-HO, T8, U-tube, plastic sign, various lengths available
  • Choice of six correlated color temperatures: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
  • Choice of end caps: G13/FA8/R17d for T8, G5 for T5 and T5HO
  • Dimmable when interfaced with dimmable ballasts and switches
  • Suitable for emergency lights
  • Utilizes existing fluorescent ballast as driver, no extra power loss
  • Advanced design with integrated electrical & optical system on the same PCB board
  • Input Power: 17W nominal, depending on ballast factor
  • Input Voltage: same as ballast in use, usually 120-277V, 347V 50/60Hz
  • Ambient Temperature range: -20° to 40°C
  • Power Factor: same as ballast in use, usually >0.95
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: same as ballast in use, usually <20%
  • Beam angle of 300° produces even light distribution similar to fluorescent tubes
  • No UV emmission
  • No Flickering or stroboscopic effect
  • No warm up time, instant on, full light output
  • Stable lamp-to-lamp color

U.S. Navy Letter

U.S. Navy Letter

U.S. Navy Allows Use of LED Linear Lamps!

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