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Attenuator Product Guide
Traffix Devices Product Guide



Big Sandy

TrafFix Devices “Big Sandy” is an Impact Attenuator Sand Barrel that’s easy to move and provides external verification of the barrels correct weight of sand and is manufactured from UV stabilized high density polyethylene plastic. This Impact Attenuator/Crash Cushion Sand Barrel has been tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP 350; Big Sandy Sand Barrels go above and beyond these requirement to provide the best in highway safety.  Big Sandy Product Info Sheet


Big Sandy Lifting Ring

The Big Sandy Lifting Ring is engineered to safely lift filled TrafFix “Big Sandy” Sand Barrels ONLY. The Lifting Ring is constructed of lightweight aluminum, and weighs 62lbs and quickly attaches to a Forklift, Truck Mounted Crane, or Knuckle Boom to easily move filled Big Sandy Barrels into place. The Lifting Ring is fully adjustable and is build to lift the Big Sandy 200, 400, & 700 lbs Combination Barrels and the 1,400 and 2,100 lb Barrels. The Big Sandy Lifting Ring is a must have when working with filled Big Sandy Barrels.


SLED – Euro-Terminal & SLED Mini

The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) is a narrow, non-redirective gating crash cushion. SLED is designed to shield the end of all permanent and temporary portable barrier shapes including concrete, steel and plastic. SLED’s unique design incorporates four internal steel cables which help envelop the impacting vehicle, reducing the possibility of secondary accidents. The SLED End Treatment does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road or bridge deck. The complete crash cushion can be installed quickly, with as little as one pick up truck and two workers on compacted dirt, gravel, decomposed granite, asphalt or concrete.
Each SLED module is manufactured from a high visibility yellow polyethylene that is UV stabilized to minimize degradation. It is designed to deform and rupture on impact, absorbing the energy of the errant vehicle. SLED has the most versatile transition for shielding all permanent and temporary portable barriers. The combination of hinging and contouring, allows the transition panels of the SLED End Treatment to be attached to narrow, wide or other profile shapes with either converging, or diverging angles, up to 10 degrees. SLED Brochure  &  SLED Euro-Terminal Brochure


The Compressor Attenuator is a re-directive, non-gating, bi-directional, and self-recovering attenuator that has been specifically designed to take repeated impacts without the need for additional recovery procedures, labor, or repairs. It’s the toughest and most cost-effective permanent attenuator on the market. It is designed to increase driver safety, and to cut down repair time and costs, in the event of an impact.
The Compressor was originally accepted for use on the U.S. NHS for one-way traffic applications in FHWA Product Acceptance Letter CC-95 in 2007 and for two-way traffic applications in Acceptance Letter CC-95A in 2009. In both cases, the Compressor was mounted on a reinforced concrete pad using fourteen (14) anchor bolts. The Compressor remained unchanged through both crash tests. Compressor Brochure & Manual

Barricades & Barriers


A-Frames & Rails

TrafFix A-Frame Barricades are made of impact resistant polyethylene, rigid, A-Frame barricade leg is sand fillable for ballasting, stackable for storage and transportation, and can be used with the TrafFix I-Beam Rail, Phoenix Plastic Rail, 1″ × 8″ or 2″ × 8″ nominal lumber. Accommodates standard or “D” cell barricade light. Metro-A-Cade is economical, accepts 1 or 2 Phoenix Plastic Rails, 1″ × 8″ or 2″ × 8″ nominal lumber. Each Metro has a barricade light mounting hole.  A-Frame Brochure


Type III Barricades

The Phoenix Type III Barricade is lightweight making it easy for a single worker to setup or breakdown. It comes complete with (2) 72″ steel or plastic pre-drilled uprights which attach to (2) 40 lb. stackable recycled rubber and steel bases with a quick release pin for easy removal of the barricade uprights. It is compatible with 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ Plastic Phoenix Rail panels and can be sheeted with Engineer Grade, High Intensity, or Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting. It is NCHRP 350 approved with 2 standard barricade or 2 small LED barricade lights.  Type III Barricade Brochure


Folding Barricades

TrafFix Devices Plastic Folding Barricades are made from durable impact resistant polyethylene. The lightweight and easy to handle Blow Molded plastic legs provide increased strength to minimize barricade damage and prevents sagging in extreme heat. The modular design allows for easy replacement of components, saving you time, money, and helps keep waste out of our landfills. The unique San-Fil bottom panels eliminates those messy and unruly sand bags and helps to stabilize the barricade in windy conditions.
All Barricade Panels are recessed to protect the expensive reflective sheeting. Molded-in male and female stacking lugs keep the barricades firmly in place for transport and storage, even with Barricade Lights attached! All Folding Barricades from TrafFix Devices meet or exceed MUTCD Standards. Folding Barricade Brochure

Vertical Panels

Premier Vertical Panel is an all plastic and rubber vertical panel barricade that is designed to take repeated impacts with little or no damage to the Premier Panel or to the impacting vehicle. It’s designed with a convenient handle which allows for easy movement and placement. It accepts all standard and “D” cell Barricade Lights and stacks for easy storage and transport. The Premier Panel comes with a variety of sheeting sizes, messages, and legends and is available in Orange or White polyethelene plastic for the highest visibility in any weather condition. Bases come in 20 and 30 lb. weights and stack for easy transport and storage.  Vertical Panel Brochure
lrg_metro-wall1 606x300

Metro-Wall Barricade

The Metro-Wall is a heavy duty Water-Filled Barricade that is constructed of durable polyethylene plastic, which minimizes cracking and breaking. With its double wall knuckle design, the Metro-Wall minimizes stress and breakage at hinge points. Its hinged design allows for a 5° pivot between Sections. The large 8″ fill hole features a Twist Lock Lid for easy filling. The corner offset drain plug is tamper resistant, and features coarse buttress threads and screws in or out with only 2½ turns. Each Metro-Wall is designed with pass-through Pallet Jack Slots for easy movement and positioning, whether empty or full. Each includes one (1) steel connector pin and can be used to link multiple sections together. With an optional Extended Connector Pin, the Metro-Wall can be used with plastic or chain-link fences for added privacy and security. Available in Orange, Red, and White.


Urbanite Barricades

The TrafFix Urbanite Barricade creates a continuous hand guided safe passage through workzones. The TrafFix Urbanite is made of UV stabilized, high density polyethylene. The linkable Urbanites quickly and easily link together in 6 foot sections to allow the contractor flexibility in creating a safe pedestrian pathway. Weighing only 23 lbs., the durable double walled, non-flexible, lightweight design makes the Urbanite easy to lift on and off the truck and easy to connect. The ten molded-in vertical windows reduce wind load, add strength and stability, and reduce overall weight. They also allow guide dogs to see what is on the other side of the wall. Urbanite Brochure  &  Urbanite ADA Brochure


Sentry Water Cable Barriers

The Sentry Water Cable Barrier is an NCHRP 350 TL-3 certified work zone crash barrier that can be used as an alternative to cumbersom concrete barriers in a construction work zone. The Sentry has been tested and passed all TL-2 and TL-3 light and heavy vehicle impacts at 45 and 62.5 mph (70 and 100 kph). With eleven (11) interlocking knuckles on each end multiple Sentry’s can be linked together with a 1 ⅛” (30 mm) diameter galvanized hollow steel T-Pin with a steel keeper pin at the bottom of each T-Pin. Molded into each Sentry are four (4) ⅜” (9.5 mm) diameter stranded steel cables, that are galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance. The cables prevent the impacting vehicle from penetrating the barrier wall and into the work zone or on-coming traffic. Sentry Wall Cable Barrier Brochure

Water-Wall Barriers

The Water-Wall Barrier is a durable side protective temporary crash barrier system that can be used in many situations; from protecting the public surrounding a construction site, to work-zone safety on roads and highways. The Water-Wall can quickly and easily connect directly to the SLED end treatemnt which negates the need to shield or flare the end of the barrier. The Water-Wall Barrier is an economic and easy to install crash barrier system. For added privacy and security, the Water-Wall can be equiped with a plastic or chain-link fence (with extended connection pins).  Water-Wall Barrier Brochure


Water-Wall Fence

The Water-Wall Fence easily retrofits to the TrafFix Water-Wall to create an imposing and secure barrier for unwanted entries. The Water Wall Fence is made from 11 gauge galvanized steel mesh providing excellent security and visibility. Fence sections interlink with TrafFix Water-Wall to provide better overall stability and allows for easy changes in ground height. It can rotate up to 30° for easy layout and encircling of job sites.
The upper end of each T-Pin provides an additional hole for security bolt to secure the fence to the Water-Wall to prevent unwanted entries. There is no need to remove fence to fill TrafFix Water-Wall, fill caps are easily accessible with fence installed. 6′ Single or 12′ Double Gate provides a secure entrance for workers and vehicles. Water-Wall Fence Brochure

Delineator Cones, Tubes & Drums


The MUTCD Compliant Enviro-Cone is 80% recycled by weight and can be recycled again if the cone is destroyed. If ever a stem becomes unusable, simply reorder the stem and reuse the base, no need to buy the entire cone! With more than 50% of the Enviro-Cone being made of recycled materials, it qualifies for Green Points. Manufactured from low density polyethylene, which provides superior cold weather performance and increases the life span of the Enviro-Cone. The Enviro-Cone does not crack or break down to -45°F. Even in the hottest weather, the Enviro-Cone stands tall and vertical. The Enviro-Cone provides long term durability with excellent color retention through the use of UV Stabilizers and low density polyethylene plastic. With its patented Easy Grip Groove handle, the Enviro-Cone provides excellent “gription” for quick deployment and retrieval. The grove makes tying off caution tape quick and easy. Enviro-Cone Brochure

lrg_pvc-conePVC Cones

Each TrafFix PVC Cone is Injection Molded, MUTCD Compliant, and come in 18″, 28″, and 36″ heights. The PVC Cones are fluorescent orange in color. The PVC Cone has excellent stability and anti-skid performance. TrafFix 28″ and 36″ PVC Cones available with reflective collars for MUTCD Compliant nighttime performance. For ease of use all PVC Cones easily stack for transport and storage.

  Cone & Rail Systemslrg_traffix-cone

Made of durable high density polyethylene plastic, the rugged TrafFix Cone has multiple uses in a wide variety of different applications. The cones are stackable for storage and transportation but won’t “stick together” like vinyl cones. The TrafFix Cones have a hollow base that can be filled with up to 23 lbs. of sand, or simply drop a sand bag on it in windy conditions. The TrafFix Cone is 42″ tall and comes with keyhole slots for mounting toggled TrafFix Rails. Reflective collars can be used for nighttime use. The TrafFix Cone is ideal for mounting signs and barricade lights for temporary traffic control. Ideal for school crossing guards, cross-walk striping, hotel/motel check-in areas and parking structures.

lrg_spring-cone1Spring Cones

The TrafFix Spring Cone & Tote System is an ideal solution for Temporary Traffic Control. It is compact for easy storage on any truck, or in vehicle trunk. Spring Cones are light weight and compact, cones weigh less and pack-up in a fraction of the space of traditional highway cones. They are made of a durable, bright orange, flexible mesh material with a heavy duty rubber base. Each Spring Cone meets Federal MUTCD requirements for 28″ reflective highway traffic cones. The Spring Cone is The flexible spring allows cone to automatically self deploy and spill wind for increased stability. The Rubber Base securely grips the road and holds cone in place in heavy traffic conditions. Cones come in 3 and 5 pound models. Spring Cone Brochure

grabber-cone_stackableGrabber Cones

The stem of the TrafFix Grabber-Cone is made of flexible, durable, fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the stem protect the reflective bands, minimizing rips and scratches. The extra large flange at the bottom of the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place. Grabber-Cones come in 28″ & 42″ heights and are ballasted by 10, 16 or 30 lb. Recycled Rubber Bases. Grabber-Cone Brochure

lrg_grabber-tube1Grabber Tubes

The stem of the TrafFix Devices Grabber-Tubes are made of flexible yet durable fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the stem protect the reflective bands, minimizing rips and scratches. The extra large flange at the bottom of the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place. Grabber-Tube comes in 28″ and 42″ heights and are ballasted by 12 and 18 lb. Recycled Rubber Bases. Simply drop the Recycled Rubber Base over the tube stem and you’re ready to go to work. Grabber-Tubes Brochure 


The stem of the Looper-Cone is made of flexible yet durable fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the stem protect the reflective bands, minimizing rips and scratches. The extra large flange at the bottom of the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place. Looper-Cones come in height of 42″ and are ballasted by 10, 16 or 30 lb. Recycled Rubber Bases. Simply drop the Recycled Rubber Base over the cone stem and you’re ready to go to work. Looper-Cones are designed with convenient handle that allows for easy movement and placement. Looper-Cone can accept a standard or “D” cell barricade light. Looper-Cone Brochure


The stem of the Looper-Tubes are made of flexible yet durable fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the stem protect the reflective bands, minimizing rips and scratches. The extra large flange at the bottom of the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place. Looper-Tubes come in a height of 42″ and are ballasted by 12 and 18 lb. Recycled Rubber Bases. Simply drop the Recycled Rubber Base over the tube stem and you’re ready to go to work. Looper-Tubes Brochure

Traffix_Channelizer_DrumChannelizer Drums

Since 1987, TrafFix Devices, Inc. has provided customers with the most value for their Channelizer Drum dollars. The drum tops and bases made in 1987 are still interchangeable with their current production model. TrafFix Devices, uses only the highest grade plastic resins to manufacture their drums. And their drum tops and bases are designed to “break-away” rather than “break-apart” upon impact.
TrafFix Devices uses only top quality plastic resins and has engineered its’ drums to be reshaped after most impacts. By applying simple hand pressure to the dented areas, most drums can be reshaped into their original form and reused. Channelizer Drum Brochure
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