GloBug Lighting Systems

The GloBug Balloon is washable and repairable. It has a perfect elliptical shape and meets DOT diffused lighting specifications. The lamp has an integrated electric ballast inside its housing.  All systems are quick and easy to setup and transport.
GBP1000W Metal HalideBalloon OnlySpecsManual
GBW1000W Metal Halide2-stage MastSpecsManual
GB20002x 1000W Metal Halide LampLight Tower Conversion KitSpecsManual
GB40004x 1000W Metal Halide LampLight Tower Conversion KitSpecsManual
GB12BW400W Metal HalideTripod StandSpecsManual
GBC 1000W Metal HalideHeavy Duty CartSpecsManual
GB43SC4x 400W Metal HalideCart with 3-stage mastSpecsManual
GBS1000W Metal HalideEquipment MountableSpecsManual
GB12BS400W Metal HalideEquipment MountSpecsManual
GBHM –Vehicle Hitch Mounting KitManual
GBMP –Plate Mounting KitManual

GloBug LED Lighting Systems

Why Choose LED Lighting?  LED lights have a 40x greater life expectancy.  They are impact resistant, offer superior color rendering properties and the instant-on feature means there is no delay during re-strike. LEDs have 85% less CO2 emissions and  give off 63% less heat as compared to Metal Halide lamps.  When paired with the GloBug Balloon, they give out 360° of diffused lighting.
ModelLampColumn 3SpecsManual
GB3LEDB300W 3-Stage LED LampBalloon/Light OnlySpecs
GB3LED300W 3-Stage LED Lamp2-stage MastSpecsManual
GB8LEDB800W 3-Stage LED LampBalloon/Light OnlySpecsManual
GB8LED800W 3-Stage LED Lamp3-stage MastSpecs

Light Towers & Modular Light Towers

Multiquip’s LT6K Series light tower is compact, mobile, and combines features to tackle the demanding requirements found in construction, mining, energy exploration,security and event applications.  The Modular Light Tower (MLT) Series represent a unique and value-added Lighting Solutions and power generating product that offers the trusted performance of MQ Power generators, MQ Power generator/welders, rugged DOT Certified Trailer assemblies, and powerful Metal Halide lighting systems.
LT6K6.6kW Gen, 120/240VKohler KDW-1003 DieselSpecsParts | Operation
LT6K550Hz 6.6kW Gen, 240VKohler KDW-1003 DieselSpecsParts | Operation
LT6KV7kW Gen, 120/240VKohler KDW-1003 DieselSpecsManual
Modular Light Towers (MLT Series)
MLTLight Tower TrailerSpecsMLT Series Manual
MLTDA727kW Gen, 120/240V12.5 HP Kubota Z482 DieselSpecs
MLTSDW76.6kW, 120/240V12.5 HP Kubota Z482 DieselSpecs
MLT20 Series20kW 120/240V 60Hz (Canada Only)34 HP Kubota Z482 DieselSpecsParts | Operation
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